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Blue Fuji for Enjoying Healthy Chinese Food

If you are planning to have Chinese food at a popular restaurant, then do not look beyond Blue Fuji. We have employed highly talented and experienced chefs who not only prepare tasty food but also ensure that it retains its healthy, rich nutrients, and is good to your health. With some understanding, you can ensure that your health conscious objectives are not broken in any manner when having food at our chinese restaurant malden.

Most Chinese cuisines use generous amounts of sodium as soy sauce and MSG in the preparation. You can request our staffs to prepare your meals for low medium soy sauce or without MSG. We prepare dishes using sweet & sour sauce, hot mustard, duck or plum sauce which are all low in sodium and real healthy. It also enhances the taste of the dishes prepared and sure to meet your cravings for healthy, good Chinese food.

You do not have to worry when visiting Blue Fuji. You can choose dishes which feature more of vegetables rather than noodles or meat. You can also request for other veggies, snow peas and broccoli. You have the liberty to steer away from deep fried meat, tofu or seafood. Instead, order it braised or stir fried. Use chopsticks or fork to leave behind more sauce. You can also request for brown rice rather than consume white rice. At Blue Fuji, we help our customers to meet their health objectives set in life and still allow them to enjoy good food.

Come and enjoy fine Japanese food with us. We look forward to serving you.

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