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It is without doubt that Chinese food is one of the most preferred and loved Asian food and consumed by people of all ages with great delight across the globe. This is because Chinese food is really delicious, and also provides excellent alternative to unhealthy fast food like pizza. If you are looking for a good chinese restaurant Medford, then do stop over at Blue Fuji.

We serve you with traditional authentic Chinese food that is low in fat. More emphasis is given on vegetables, noodles and rice. Meat lovers can order for non-veg food, but the quantity will be normal and have more of vegetables, thus being real healthy for the body and mind. Chinese foods are generally low in calories and high on rich nutrients, the reason why there is faced less obesity problems among people in China.

You can try out the different types of soups that are prepared at Blue Fuji. You are sure to enjoy every drop and want more of it. Ordering soup can be a wonderful way to start the meal. You can opt for vegetable or chicken or even egg drop with rice soup and have a light, satisfying meal. You can also taste steamed dumplings that is filled with chicken or vegetables. Being steamed, they are really nutritious and good for health and also very tasty at the same time. They are indeed a hot favorite among children and adults. It is also consumed by patients who are otherwise suggested not to have any greasy or fat-rich food.

Come and enjoy fine Japanese food with us. We look forward to serving you.

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